Our menu

We are Slow Food, this philosophy is based on enjoying good food with fresh, local, seasonal and organic products. In our kitchen, we make sure to prepare everything freshly and carefully treat each ingredient in order to maintain its flavour and properties. This leads us to offer healthy and fresh dishes, without fried or ultra-processed food. We ask you to be patient and give yourself to the VB experience.

“Cooking is an art and every art requires patience”

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Artisan cheese board [22€]

Variety of fermented cheeses locally sourced almond cheese, spreadable cheese and homemade seasonal marmalade. Nuts and fresh fruit. With a basket of a variety of artisan and sourdough breads (Option SG).

Bread basket extra: 4€


Exotic Salad [14€]

Quinoa with vegetables, mango, pecan nuts, artisan almond cheese, avocado, crispy plantain and pistachio. With mango, yoghurt and mint vinaigrette (SG)


Peach salad [14€]

Peach puree, quinoa with vegetables, walnuts and artisan almond cheese (SG)


Baos Pulled Pork [15€]

Stir-fried wheat protein with vegetables, soy sauce, pickled onion, creamy avocado and crispy plantain.

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Shiitake mushroom and black truffle risotto [19€]

With chickpea crisp

Spinach Cannelloni[16€]

Filled with roasted pumpkin, homemade cashew ricotta, tomato sauce and homemade béchamel sauce.


Stuffed roasted sweet potato [17€]

Creamy kale and chickpea filling with mint yoghurt sauce, sweet potato puree and kale crisps. (SG)

Thai Coconut Chickpea Curry [18€]

Creamy coconut milk curry with vegetables and chickpeas and Basmati rice.

Asian Noodles [16€]

Rice noodles with sautéed vegetables and tofu in homemade teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds (SG option).

Courgette Lasagne [18€]

Homemade cashew parmesan and wheat protein filling.

Burger Lovers [17€]

BurVeg beef, served on rustic bread with lettuce, tomato, melted mozzarella, cucumber slices, and avocado. Served with roasted potatoes, vegan cheese and ketchup (SG option).


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Pistachio Cheesecake [8€]


Chocolate and Nut Brownie with Pistachio Ice Cream [8€]


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