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Our history

Vegan Bistró was born from a project in the middle of the Pandemic with the name of Vegan Food Mallorca, which made its own little place in Palma. The only space it had was a small industrial kitchen where all the magic happened.

This project started with Carla, who has been in the catering business all her life, loves cooking, creativity and animals. Supported by her mother Margarita, who is also dedicated to the catering industry, with experience in the kitchen for more than 30 years and who would soon become one of the pillars of VFM, forming part of the team and working side by side.

One day, the opportunity arose to make this dream come true and someone who believed in us and in our project joined our team, that person is Eugenio. With whom we created the partnership.

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VFM and VB's concept is to revolutionise the world with traditional dishes but in a 100% plant based version, to demonstrate and put an end to the myth that vegan food is tasteless or not delicious.

Veganism is our way of life, we carry it out in all its forms, from food, recycling, creating awareness of the impact that meat factories and deforestation generate on the environment to raise and feed livestock, water pollution, how our health is harmed and most importantly... the damage we cause to other living beings. To put an end to the idea that we grew up with, believing that animals were born to serve us, to use them for consumption or training. We are not the owners of animals, they are part of the environment, part of nature, just as humans are.

VB arrives in 2022 with the same concept but in its 2.0 version, which means that we will have a team of professionals. We will have a small place to relax, an intimate atmosphere and high quality.

Food, cocktails and gourmet coffees. We will make your experience as enjoyable as possible.